Wherever I am in the world, the studio is my favorite place! I feel like it does help that the location of the studio changes and that often it is a place of isolation and need in a way. I'm able to use whatever materials I have at my disposal and the amount of time I get to spend in these spaces often means I never know what might happen next.



It's hard to ever pin point where one work begins and when the other ends. And because I'm interested in womxn's work, textiles seem like an obvious trajectory. Often I'll move from drawing, to painting, to patterns and then textiles. After the fabric manifests itself I then decide whether to keep it as is, move towards apparel, art objects or homeware.



In the age of selfies, I've found that the best way for me to look at myself is through another kind of self portraiture. Instead of using the camera lens, I get a lot from using ink, charcoal or paint and I find these processes quite cathartic.