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Wherever I am in the world, the studio is my favorite place! The fact that the location of the studio often changes is generative for me. Often it is a place of isolation and even deprivation. I use whatever materials I have at my disposal and the solitude of these spaces means I never know what might happen next.


Ever since I was very young, I have been attempting to learn and explore through drawing. Once I became the Head of Painting at Rhodes University, I was inspired to push this passion even further. Like any other skill, drawing is about practice. It's a good thing it is also a lot of fun.


Installation is the perfect combination of all the things I love about art practice. Not only does it allow me to work with the autographic, it also allows for a performative element and exploration into three dimensional space.


Whether it was my mother, aunt or grandmother, the women that raised me have always used their hands. It occured to me that their touch was lnked to healing. They were able to take trash and make it into something beautiful. They even moulded me into a thing of beauty. In my practice, I am attempting to immitate this alchemy. It is a constant effort to manipulate the material realities, particularly of undesired objects of poverty.


In the age of selfies, I've found that the best way for me to look at myself is through another kind of self portraiture. Instead of using the camera lens, I get a lot from using ink, charcoal or paint and I find these processes quite cathartic.