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Drawing often feels like the first step of many of my projects whether its painting, textile design and even video, performance or workshops. Drawing is a way of working through ideas and it probably teaches me the most.


Mixed media on paper, A3, 2022

Named after the incomparable film Touki Bouki, directed by Djibril Diop Mambéty this series is a continuation in my ceaseless efforts to explore the recesses of my mind and attempt to create a visual language for my findings. 

Touki Bouki 8.jpg
Touki Bouki 7.jpg
Touki Bouki 6.jpg
Touki Bouki 5.jpg
Touki Bouki 4.jpg
Touki Bouki 1.jpg
Touki Bouki 3.jpg
Touki Bouki 2.jpg


Mixed media on paper, A3, 2022

This series is based on one of my favorite songs Lysergic Bliss by one of my favorite bands of Montreal. The lyrics always ring true and remind me that despite unfathomable difficulties throughout my life, I always manage to find gratitude, happiness and strength.



Mixed media on paper, A2, 2020

This series is meditative. When I made it, I was thinking of my friends. How fickle friendship can be. How different our paths are and the hope I have for the reignition of dimmed flames. Through the isolation of lockdown, social relations have come to the fore and for once, we all seem to have been given the chance to choose our support systems, even if they are ourselves.

Uhambo 2.jpg
Uhambo 10.jpg
Uhambo 7.jpg
Uhambo 5.jpg
Uhambo 6.jpg
Uhambo 9.jpg
Uhambo 8.jpg
Uhambo 1.jpg
Uhambo 4.jpg
Uhambo 3.jpg


Mixed media on paper, A4, 2020

This series signified my move away from academia. Still passionate about academic drawing and intellectual work, I was attempting in this series to explore further new ways of expressing myself that are not founded on Western logic.

RhoRho Textile Base 9.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 10.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 7.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 8.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 6.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 5.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 4.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 1.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 3.jpg
RhoRho Textile Base 2.jpg


Mixed media on paper, A4, 2020

This is when I started to lean into the autographic in my drawing practce. Utterly confused and befuddled by everything and everyone, still observing the bizarre developments in human behaviour, finding no other way to articulate myself other than the uncanny.

Love Island Textile Base 3.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 9.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 7.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 6.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 5.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 8.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 1.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 4.jpg
Love Island Textile Base 2.jpg


Mixed media on paper, A4, 2020

This series is inspired by South African jazz. I listen to Zim Ngqawana a lot when I am drawing or painting, channelling the black sonic tradition of improvisation, remixing and deconstruction. These particular drawings were based on a song by iPhupho l'ka Biko of the same name.

ekuqaleni base 3.jpg
ekuqaleni base.jpg
ekuqaleni base 2.jpg
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