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Still Life & Figure Drawing

Drawing is one of my favorite things to teach. Combining all the lessons of my own foundational years in art school, like gesture, value and detail, while also looking to find a sense of unity and balance in compositions is just plain fun. The outcome is usually a final life drawing (A1 or larger) which demonstrates an engagement with the lessons of observation.

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Art History

I began as purely a studio artist, but because of my love for critique and writing, I have become an art historian. My PhD thesis is Ubungoma, fetish and technology: A synthesis of Art therefore I love teaching around this new knowledge that I've been exploring for the past couple years. But I am also old school - I love modernism, particularly abstraction and exploring the trajectory of what has come to be known as African Art. I have taught a course called Spirituality in Art at the University of Cape Town since 2019, largely inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's Concerning the Spiritual in Art and Robert Farris Thompson's Flash of The Spirit.


I have taught short courses to high school students from across South Africa through the National Schools Festival from 2017 up to 2019. The courses were either geared towards collaborative drawing (pictured, 2018) or performance with elements of interdisciplinary practice. Art is intrinsically fun, but the key is to put that fun to use by giving students a subtle sense of accomplishment and togetherness.

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Conferences, panel discussions and symposiums are great ways to share knowledge. While I am not a fan of deep academic work, I cannot imagine what my practice would be without the opportunity to present my progress to my peers. Some of my favorite conferences have been Black Portraitures at which I had the privilege of presenting in Florence, Italy (2015) and Johannesburg, South Africa (2016); and Dreaming Feminist Futures at the African Gender Institue in Cape Town (2018). I am also looking forward to presenting a recent paper at the 2021 SAVAH Conference which will be hosted online.

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