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Every part of my practice represents an attempt at an authentic exploration of how I exist and navigate this world. While there's a certain level of safety in other media, performance is the most vulnerable way of interrogating my reflection.

Let me take you to bed, Cape Town International Art Fair, 2019

This performance was about homelessness and the contrast between the extravagant wealth of the art fair and the reality of the streets around it. I walked from Woodstock to the Cape Town International Convention Center where the Fair was being held. Along the way, I collected things from the streets upon which people sleep. Even though I was programmed to perform at the fair, I was forcibly removed, taken to the art fair and a psychiatric wing before my friend and curator Kefiloe Siwisa tracked me down at which point I went back to the fair and slept, which is what I had proposed as my performance in the first place.

Assault, NAH Collective, Rhodes University, 2018

While I was teaching at Rhodes University, some students asked me to form a collective with them in response to the rampant violence against women on campus. We called our collective NAH. An abbreviation of our names Njabulo Nkosi, Akissi Beukman and Heidi Sincuba. Our first performance "Assault" was on Women's Day in 2018. It was hard. We threw salt at wounds. We transcended.


Everything Needs Oil, 2013

This performance was presented at Galerie Sanaa in Utrecht, Netherlands. The gallery represents African artists or artists of African descent almost exclusively and this performance was part of an exhibition of slavery. I presented it as a way of working through frustration about how I was seen as an artist. I waned to physically confront perceptions of my body and my own performance of self.

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