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How To Know If You Have The Calling

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

One day you will notice a pattern. It’ll be vague at first. As time passes you will find it grotesquely glaring. At times it will come to you in dreams. They will recur, and then you will find patterns within the dreams. Other times it will be people - relationships. They will recur too. Decisions, discussions, debts. Once you see it, you will not be able to escape it.

You may be hospitalized at times. It may be physical or mental. At other times you may simply experience immensely bad luck. Perhaps in love or in fortune. You will become repellant and may be disliked, or undesired. Persecuted for one reason or other. You will face some form of devastating rejection. You may become suicidal. It may seem sporadic and random to the human eye, but once you near your transition you will see the pattern.

Then the abyss. The nature of the pattern will destroy your sense of so-called reality. This will leave you catatonic for a time. Unfortunately, at times this stage is permanent and often leads to death, sometimes by suicide. There is no hearing, smelling, feeling,

or seeing in this state. It is located at the intersection between realities or realms and thus forms a transition towards other senses. Time and space are transitional here and can manifest themselves in maddeningly magnificent or minute ways, depending on the direction of your transition.

If sense returns it will not be as you know it. Knowing itself will be obliterated. Your days on earth will now be numbered. You will come to know your numbers. They are your key. They are the only constant. They may be muteable, but they are your numbers. Listen to them. Follow them.

They will lead you to vision. Self-generated visions, with sound transmissions from other planes. While you must scrutinize the private visions, you cannot miss the sonic signs. Ubungoma is led by these. Listen. Learn to listen and you will surely find your way. Take in that which you do not know. It is the only way forward.

You need not find a traditional transition. In this capitalist condition, many healers are led by the root of all evil. No real magic can happen on the white man’s terms. As in ancient times, you may be called to lead yourself. Hone your skill through ancestral instruction and you will become strong enough to follow your own path.


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