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Review: Let it Die

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Let it Die was the debut album for the band Feist featuring original songs and covers of songs by other artists. Leslie Feist is a Canadian-born performer who goes by the name of Feist. She was also a member of the indie band Broken Social Scene and is a renowned and award-winning songwriter.

The album was released in 2004, but it was initially self-produced in 2001 and named Red Demons. The official version of Let it Die was recorded in Paris and produced by Renaud Letang under the labels Universal, Polydor, and Arts & Crafts. Feist also collaborated with artist Gonzales with whom she works on a regular basis.

Secret Heart is the best track on the album. It could be referred to as the archetypal sound of this band. It is chilled yet groovy and passes by with amazing ease. The lyrics are soft and sentimental without being at all superficial: 'Secret heart/What are you made of/ What are you so afraid of'. The score elevates the surrealism and the subtle but soothing backing vocals are the cherry on top.

Another gem on the album is Inside and Out. It is a cover of the song of the same name by the BeeGees. It retains that funky sound from the original but is arranged so that it becomes almost unfamiliar. The interpretation is visionary and even competes with the legendary Gibbs' version.

The sadness of this album which comes off a touch break-uppy is expertly conveyed. Now at Last has a tragic tone, sweetly sung by the sincere sounding Leslie Feist. The song feels bare and dry, which enhances its atmosphere. It continues the sentimental atmosphere of the album and feels intimate with its basic melody.

Let it Die is 11 tracks of heaven. The music on this album, which is filled with deep texture and sensuous rhythm, makes one stagger satisfyingly in groovitude. These songs stick just as easily as any pop song. Because of the masterful interpretation of other artists’ offerings, the skillful songwriting and the pleasant sound Let it Die qualifies as Feist’s masterpiece and one of my all-time favorite albums.

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