The Prayer

You threw me in the deep dark pit, they say to put me to the test

I hurt myself and looked at you to show that I had done my best

And still I felt your hand press down, you piled it on and stepped aside

They told me still that that was life, to give and take it in my stride

But then they left me in this place to let me sort it out alone

The lessons had afforded nought, not remainder, no scrap, no bone

I begged for you in that dry hour, in spite of my stark disbelief

I wanted then as I do now, a simple helping hand - relief

I swore I would give everything, if you would just sprinkle your dust

In hysterics I sacrificed - my family, my friends, my lust

No wonder I am sitting here as saved as any man can be

You must have watched me woefully, creating my own tragedy

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