Love, thine enemy

Image: (detail) Everything Scatter, Mixed Media Installation, 2013 [Heidi Sincuba]

Love is not a bus I board

I do not wait for it

It does not come for me

Love is just a winding road

It isn’t on the grid

And has no strategy

Love is not a humbl’ abode

I mustn't inhabit

It or furnish the dream

Love is not the heap I hoard

It doesn’t fill the pit

It’s not my property

Love’s a thing I can’t afford

Though I should make profit

I choose economy

Love ain’t no ideal award

I should be proud of it

But it is temp’rary

Love is not a mighty lord

It is not something writ

It is not known to read

Love is not a minor chord

It’s not a note I hit

I cannot hear it beat

Nor is it demeaned to nought

It’s not a deficit

That’s an inacc’racy

Other people fit the mould

This much I must admit

It's my own tragedy

Somehow when I’m in the ward

I soar to the summit

But ne’er flee gravity

Love can’t make my shoulders broad

It doesn’t keep me fit

It leaves me just as weak

It can’t even steer my ford

I can’t rely on grit

To cut propensity

So I mustn’t drop my guard

It seeps in bit by bit

I’ll think it’s voluntary

Kill it with my bitter sword

I cannot e’er permit

This foul discrepancy

See that love is just a war

I do not know it yet

But there’s no victory

Love has left me so distraught

A friend I must omit

It is my enemy

Love is not a hand I hold

It doesn’t give a shit

It isn’t there for me