Jozi Blues

Image: Heidi Sincuba

Though I was willing and taught to fear you, I still cannot

I was born with you

By definition, I must grow with you

But as the time flies, you will be stretching and I will rot

When I was walking and you were watching, I still forgot

I bamboozled you

I rose up from you, then ridiculed you

With audacity I let them call you what you are not

You must remember forcibly feeding me from your pot

It was your phuthu

I had your jeqe and your umnqushu

I never liked it but it was filling, I had my lot

Cos I was bitter when you were faithful, I chose to trot

I went far from you

For it was better, as far as I knew

I was the winner, I had my vengeance or so I thought

For when I left you, you must have noticed I lost my plot

Was it your voodoo?

Did you bewitch me? What did you do?

Why am I lost there? Why are you hogging the perfect spot?

I cannot face you, you are too painful, you are too hot

Your plight is too true

And though I know you, I try anew

Your life is ugly, you gave it to me, it’s all I’ve got

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