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aka Makeba (at RichMix, London)

Thanks to RichMix in Shoreditch, London, I was able to curate a series of events which brought a variety of different artists of color together. These creatives included musicians, poets, dancers and product designers and visual artists.

The meaning of Makeba is "Greatness".

Its origin is "Variant of the Ethiopian name Makeda". 

Makeba is a form of Makeda and is generally pronounced like "mah KEE bah".

Heidi Sincuba Presents aka Makeba 

London 2015-2016


Tokyo Meyers:

Jacob v Joyce:

Shan Smile:

Soweto Kinch: 

Yomi Greeds:

Triforce (formerly Akoma): 

LA Salami:

Calem Femi:

Aliyah Hasinah:

Oliver (Olly) Engele:

Savannah Dumetz:


Rebekah Ubuntu:

Rachel Nwokoro:

Siana Bengura:

Joshua Kyeot:

Jolade Olusanya:


Black/Other (hip-hop collective)

Adama Jalloh:

RiRi Caboose:

Ola The Comedian:

Sid Mercutio:

David Kwaw-Mensah:

Olivia Twist:



Meen Clothing:

All Knightz Comics: 


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