Amahlaya Endlela, 2017-present

In IsiZulu, Amahlaya Endlela means sex without penetration and directly translates to: “the fun of the road”. As part of an ongoing investigation into what constitutes reality, I've been attracted to the slippage between outer space, (physical surroundings or perception) and our inner selves (subjectivity or memory). Through my smartphone, I've traced evidence of this slippage through fallen braids strewn across my country.

Bearing in mind the geographic location as well as style of braid, I have speculated on the forces of memory held within each specimen. Anonymous as they are, each evokes movement and time, and ultimately desire and futility. While they are called singles in vernacular spaces, they are a collective symbol of black womxnhood which perpetually marks our gendered and racialized landscape.