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The Church Is In Mourning, 2018

Using found footage from the 1956 Brazilian film Black Orpheus directed by Marcel Camus, and a scene featuring Shirley Caesar from The Fighting Temptations as well as Youtube videos of South African Zionist churches. Inspired by these fragments of found materials Heidi Sincuba incorporated footage of themself performing a ritual inside the Grahamstown Cathedral.

Revival Fire, 2018

Based on footage from the Kwasizabantu Mission film of the same name, featuring its leader Erlo Stegen, clips of race play porn, a sound clip from Davido's smash hit Afro Pop single "If", combined with scenes from the meditative mountains of Makhanda, this alchemic video explores the endless agony of language and its betrayals.

Corrugated Irons, 2018

Collected Footage from the internet, foil, fabric, corrugated iron - all examples of the great African tradition of making somehting out of nothing. Cutting, pasting, remixing, scatting, improvising. Forming new possibilities from the random intersections.

War Within, 2018

Collated from documentary footage from the apartheid era, this video speaks not only to the impulse for protest, but also to the apparent inevitability of what william Kentrige calls 'the failure of revolution'.

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