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South African Painter and Writer

I am a South African painter and art writer who has been practising for over ten years, exhibiting across the globe, writing for publications such as Mail&Guardian SA, and teaching art practice and art history at various South African Universities.

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I produce everything from art to books and apparel. Support my practice and get yourself some awesome stuff that not only looks great but also has profound meaning!


Thembeka Heidi Sincuba is a transdisciplinary Artist and Writer. They earned an MFA from Goldsmiths University of London (2014) and a BFA from Artez Academy of Art in Arnhem, Netherlands (2010). 


Alongside their independent creative practice, Sincuba serves as Editor at Bubblegum Club in Johannesburg, South Africa. They were previously Provincial Coordinator for ArtBank SA in Kimberly, South Africa. Sincuba has also served as the Head of Painting at Rhodes University from 2017 to 2020.

In 2021 Sincuba was Ghost Writer for Faessler Media GmbH in Dürnten, Switzerland and that same year, they were the Artist in Residence experience at the Nordic Arts Association in Stockholm, Sweden where they collaborated with renowned South African painter Lefifi Tladi on exploring Afro Abstraction and its connection to African spirituality. Their most recent solo exhibition was at Galerie 23 in Amsterdam in 2023.

Sincuba is involved with SWEAT (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce) in Cape Town, serving as a Board Member since January 2019. They have taught several courses on spirituality and gender in art including as a Guest Lecturer at the University of Cape Town.

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Though I have been consistent and persistent with my practice, I have never received any funding from any cultural institution, or backing from an art gallery. I have only been able to sustain it through sheer belief and support from kind patrons like yourself. Your support is what allows me to keep doing what I was meant to do and it means the world to me.


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